At Cordts Law Firm, our Memphis attorneys regularly handle a variety of matters in civil courts, Memphis criminal courts, and bankruptcy courts as well as business formation, contract negotiation, estate planning and other non-litigation matters. Although most of our cases fall into one of the broader practice areas listed below, many do not. Please call today for a consultation with a talented and diverse attorney of the Cordts Law Firm or email us and we will gladly evaluate your case and assess your legal needs.

Sometimes things in life require people to consider bankruptcy in Memphis. Many things can cause this, including: job loss, illness, divorce, injury and occasionally poor financial decisions. Creditors will call constantly; sometimes even filing lawsuits in order to collect. If you feel that bankruptcy may be your best option, read more about what our Memphis attorneys can do to help you in this situation. Read more about Memphis Bankruptcy.

Injuries can happen when you least expect them. Personal injuries can include slip and fall, automobile/motorcycle/18-wheeler accidents, nursing home negligence, workers compensation, wrongful death and more. Cordts Law has the necessary resources to effectively investigate and litigate your personal injury claim. Read more about Memphis Personal Injury.

Cordts Law offers full service divorce for complex, contested and uncontested divorce. Divorce proceedings can include child custody, child support, contempt, and more. The attorneys of Cordts Law can assist you in all the difficulties associated with family law. Read more about Memphis Family Law.

Cordts Law represents all forms of clients with criminal charges in Memphis and Mississippi. Charges can range from traffic violations to misdemeanor and felony. The attorneys of Cordts Law will represent you all the way to Federal Court. Read more about Memphis Criminal Defense.

Cordts Law is here to help you with estate planning including Living Wills, Health Care Power of Attorney, and General Power of Attorney. Proper planning can also decrease the stress associated with estate taxes. Read more about Memphis Estate Planning.

Service members and their dependents need a wide array of legal services. The areas that we most often work in are divorce and military justice. Military justice can include Article 15, Summary Courts-Martial, Special Courts-Martial, Article 32 Hearings, Boards of Inquiry (officers) and General courts-Martial. Read more about Memphis Military Law.

Looking to open a business or just make changes to a current one? Cordts Law offers advice and service on the formation of Memphis, Tennessee and Mississippi business entities. These include: Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Corporations (C & S Corporations), Limited Partnerships, Partnerships, and Patents and Trademarks. Read more about Memphis Business Law

Civil suits include a range of matters or disputes that just can’t be handled without the guidance of the court. See how our experienced attorneys can help you by representing you in a civil matter. Read more about Memphis Civil Suits

Are you looking for a way to protect your business, products, and ideas? Our team of Memphis attorneys can assist you in seeking trademark and copyright protection. Read more about Memphis Trademark and Copyright

The United States have laws in place insuring the rights to a safe working environment for all citizens. The attorneys at Cordts Law Firm, PLLC have the experience and know how to help you in a legal arena if you have been wronged in the workplace. Read more about Memphis Employment Issues