Clients benefit from the firm’s robust experience in forming businesses primarily in Tennessee and Mississippi. The firm has assisted multiple small businesses to form Limited Liability Companies (LLC), providing structure and asset protection. In addition to start-ups, we also offer additional services to our business clients such as filing Annual Reports, serving as a Registered Agent, contract negotiations and review, business closures, and all other business legal needs.The firm has assisted in trademark and copyright recognition and protection on the state and federal level. Let us help you plan and form your business entity.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) – LLCs are increasingly popular business entities, and they often offer Memphis and Mississippi clients the best solution for setting up a new business or converting an existing business to this convenient entity form. We can often set up your new Memphis business quickly and efficiently using this form.

Corporations (C-Corporations; S-Corporations) – Sometimes there are cases where a corporation may be right for your business. Let us help you make the determination as to what type of entity will best fit your needs.

Limited Partnerships – This type of partnership is one that may involve an investor who is a “partner” by virtue of helping gather the capital to start the business, but who is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. This finite involvement makes the non-active partner “limited” and can limit liability for that partner. Let us help you determine if this entity is right for you and prepare the proper documents.

Partnerships – A regular partnership may be suitable in certain circumstances, especially if you do not need or desire the limited liability protection of an LLC. For example, the Tennessee Franchise and Excise tax does not apply to a partnership that does not have limited liability. It is always best to have a written agreement in a partnership so that there are no misunderstandings later if things do not work out or the business is to be sold, etc.

Memphis and Mississippi Business Litigation

Our Memphis Law Firm can assist you with all your Memphis and Mississippi business litigation needs. We can protect your business interests through the initiation of a suit, or we can defend your business against a suit brought against it.

Memphis and Mississippi Employment Issues

We have experience from both sides of the fence. We can represent Memphis employees and Mississippi employees separating from your company or business, and we can represent Memphis businesses and Mississippi businesses with employment issues to protect.